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Baseball Glove Repair San Diego
Baseball glove repair San Diego – Among the many features to baseball glove that may need repair are the pockets, web, and fingers. Most important of these is the pocket, as this area receives a ball the majority of the time. Because the pocket takes the most impact, there is typically additional padding added in this area which helps protect a players hand.


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Glove repairs and relacing to the leather connecting the thumb and pointer finger is called the web. Once a baseball player catches a ball, the web makes it easier to maintain possession of the ball. The most common areas of a glove that need re-lacing of repair will surround the web.

Baseball glove repair San Diego. Most infield and outfield baseball gloves have a thumb and four additional fingers to support each digit. Occasionally the little and ring finger will be bunched together in one section. In catchers gloves there is a finger for the thumb and one additional section to contain the remaining four fingers. The same is true for first baseman gloves.

Baseball Glove Care

Taking care of your baseball glove is important to keeping it in good working condition. One of the first things to keep in mind is that gloves are made of leather that will break down over time. Like most material leather will ware faster due to moisture, heat, and sun. So, to help prevent glove repairs and re-lacing, store the glove in a dry place out of the sun when it is not in use. Another thing that can help is wearing a batting glove under your baseball glove while you play. This prevents addition moister or sweat from your hand absorbing into the glove. This will extend the life of the gloves inner lining for many years.

Baseball Glove Relacing San DiegoA good pocket to receive a ball is important to any good baseball glove. To help develop good pocket, when the glove is no being used, place a ball in it and keep it wrapped with a rubber band or some sort of fastener. When you’re considering baseball glove repair San Diego, consider Charlie Rose baseball.

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